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Awesome pics from TEC, The New Romantics & TPI Related Stuff! Enjoy!;)


My worldbuilding guidelines
So, recently I've been working a lot on this thing called Cyana, for a lot of reasons. With an examination of my past, it's the thing that I've most wanted to do, and it's been a culmination of all kinds of things that fascinate me and that I've created in the past more fully realized. It's also something that I've never really done before, at least not to this extent. It's a high fantasy. I've done low fantasy before (that's technically what Growing Around is) and it's interesting how different the whole experience is. 
I don't want to go into full detail here what the difference is between them, as there is a lot of debate. My own definition is that low fantasy is more about fanciful concepts and what they can do; and high fantasy is a lot more about how those fanciful concepts work. In high fantasy, the concepts and the world must be highly tangible; things need to make complete sense in their own world. In low fantasy, the story is that "this concept is ha
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Current 2017 Review Schedule
Dis be my schedule for my review series! The order of these shows are completely random! If your show isn't on here, feel free to request here in the comments, or you have told me you want a review, but you want me to wait on something. These won't necessarily have a due date. Instead, I will release them when they are finished. 
Bayo's Reviews Episode 1:
Ditto268's Total Pokemon Island
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InfernapeMaster64's Total Pokemon Paradise
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Bayo's Review Episode 3:
The Andy X Challenge: Enter the Zone
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Some of my favorites from DA! =D

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Hi there! Welcome to my page! I've got pics from my YouTube Shows: The Emerald Chronicles, The Andy X Challenge & The New Romantics! Enjoy!;)


1. AXC:…

2. TEC:…


3. TNR:…

4. TEC Movie:…
Let me just start out by saying how sorry how I am to all who had their hopes for me doing Season Reviews. I basically screwed up...really bad. I made you believe that I was going to do the reviews again after I literally said that I'm done. Truth be heart still yearns for reviews...but not for TPI's. Because of this, I'm sticking to Total Drama Reviews & will likely drop some TD related content. As for the review series, I'm giving the cliche notes a slight rebranding & will resume progress on that sometime soon. To make certain that this is what I want to do, I'm letting this decision settle for the next 2 months. If in 2 months I've decided to go back to reviews, then I shall. If not, don't expect anymore out of me save for the Total Drama Reviews. You guys suffered the bad end of my impulsive decisions & I'm fed up with these broken promises. So don't expect any final decisions until this September when I've had time to truly think about things. So if you're ever wondering where a review is or what's to come of them...this will be the reason. Now that I've gotten this out of the way, I need to talk about what's been going on lately.

So...every month this year has plagued me with some form of conflict. I haven't been completely real with you guys on this front but that's been my 2017 thus far. Behind the scenes (mostly on Discord) I've had far too many bad experiences with conflict, drama or as of late....unintentional pain towards others. My point is that whether I'm right or wrong isn't important it's the fact that ever since January SOMETHING has gone down that's caused me to....go off the deep end. Let me sum up my first 6 months in bullet points to give you an insight to Tellyzx's mental state.

  • Somehow gets involved in conflicts & tries to help alleviate it rather than stay out of it
  • Gets triggered by sometime unintentional jokes, took things too seriously
  • Couldn't be around everyone at once due to chaos or easily being offended by jokes
  • Being spoken behind my back about what I chose to review
  • Losing my motivation a record 7 TIMES because I let the issues get to me on a personal level & it leads to severe lack of interest
  • Having to delete a chat, create a new & leave a record 7-8 times before finally stopping and sticking the other new one I now have.
  • Unintentionally hurting a friend & shaming myself for doing so. Not a fan of hurting people....
  • Anxiety at an all time high because I hate being mentioned in stuff or dislike certain things being spoken about
  • Personal life being a royal buzzkill with my job, family stuff, etc
  • Me dealing severe stress & eating more. I wasn't paying attention to what I was eating & as a result built up a really bad case of Acid Reflux over 2 months of bad eating habits which finally hit me hard right after Memorial Day...causing me to lose my voice.
  • Having to be an adult & make some tough decisions in my personal life
  • Feeling like my reviews weren't helping or the advice wasn't being taken/considered
  • Having to rewrite AXC for the 8th freaking time
  • Flip-flopping on my projects & not stay consistent with anything
  • Having very....bad thoughts....every so often (Worry not....I'm in a MUCH better place right now & have been for 2 months)
  • Not being kind to my health altogether
  • Struggling to write due to a lot on my mind
  • Not being the best friend I could be keeping in touch with everyone as much as I should
  • Debating if I should stay in the community amid all of the petty feuds & drama
So yeah....this is what's been on my sugar coating, no BS....all of it has been on my mind & dealt with at some point during the past 6 months. With July coming up, I hope it'll be the first month I can finally have some peace. I know that's wishful thinking but I have faith. I know you guys worry about me.....and I don't blame you at this point. I've had more mental breakdowns than I had last year. I already broke a new year's resolution & I hate it. However I plan on doing better...holding myself accountable.

From this day forth, I'm taking initiative & working on a game plan that's already in motion. With help from some friends, I'm working on me & WILL do better. The next 6 months will be a defining example of WHAT CAN/WILL BE DONE! Actions speak louder than words....I know I've said some motivational crap like this before a thousand times over so you know what....I'll get back to you in a month in regards to where I stand with this new journey. By the end of July, I hope to be in a better position....not a perfect one but a better one.

Now for the progress on my projects and the order in which things are playing out in the next 6 months (subject to change)

AXC's mini marathon is set to start this Friday as planned. Episode 6's script should be wrapped in another 2 days followed by powerpoint production, recording, know how it plays out. I'm going to try extra hard to stick to my bi-weekly schedule for this marathon. If the due date for any episode changes I'll let you know immediately.

Once the marathon concludes, I'm going on a minor break so I can focus on TNR Series 2's last 3 episodes via written plans. After that I'm working on the last 4 episodes of the season and.....will be jumping immediately into Season 2! That's right guys! I'm working on both seasons back to back. Season 2 will be worked on first & drop episodes on a schedule....becoming the first show to return to my scheduled video format. I've got a lot of crazy stuff set to happen in Season 2 & I'm really excited to bring you more AXC in general. Consider it my apology towards the fate of reviews and long time it takes to bring you new AXC episodes.

After I've reached roughly half of AXC Season 2, I'm putting it on hold so I can script TNR Series 2 & bring you the remaining 9 episodes of the show. When that's done & over with...TNR will officially new series, new season....that'll be it. After that, I'll resume AXC Season 2.

When I've completed AXC Season 2, the next project is TEC....which has A LOT in store for it. I've been keeping this quiet for about a month now but it's time to talk about it. TEC is getting major face lift. I'm remastering Season's 1 & 2 with updated sprites, scenes & all sorts of other neat stuff I've learned about thus far. Season 3 will be worked on the background while the remastered episodes will be made in volume form & put out whenever they're complete. I realized that I've got to take care of TEC first before moving on....because I've got A LOT of stuff in store for TEC going forward. I'm really sorry for the time it'll take to get to it...but after working on the film for 8 months immediately after Season 2, I kinda burned myself out & lost interest in my action show. I'm currently on a much needed break. I should be back in business with the show soon. That's all I'll say.

That's all I've got planned. There's not due date on ANY of this. Not this time folks....all of this will come out in this order for sure....but it's whenever it's done that I'll post it or start teasing it. When production is done you'll know & then the teasing and hype train can commence. As always one must start at square one so let's see what my mini marathon will bring to the table. I hope & pray to God that I NEVER have to deal with all that I've dealt with for another 6 months. It's time to do's time for me to turn it all around. In terms of this journal, I'll see you in a month...hopefully in a much better position. As for AXC, I'll see you all on Friday @ 8pm.

Thanks For Reading. I love you guys so much. I appreciate you all for sticking around me crazed mental state & all. ^_^
Oh look! A new time for some honesty....yay?

Yeah you'd think I'd be typing more of these after the 3-4 months I've been having thus far but over time I've found other ways to deal with stress & cope with the conflicts put in front of me. As a result, these were made less & less. Anyways, I'm here to talk about my overall thoughts on making Season Reviews & why I've lost severe interest in them. Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine starting your own review series & upon posting the first one people fall in love with it, hoping you do more. From that point on you decide to delve into reviewing more & figure out your own way of doing things. You're hoping that your words help people move forward with their respective projects....but as time goes by it becomes more of a chore than fun. Why is that?'s a combination of seeing shows get discontinued, cancelled altogether or watching the TPI maker in question ignore what I'm trying to tell them. In the 2 years I've been reviewing, it's become a pain to review something & then see that the show has no chance of continuing or proceeds with the same methods like my review doesn't exist. I'm not implying one has to take the advice but not considering it or acknowledging is the most upsetting part. I could name at least 10 different shows that I've reviewed whether it be on YouTube or here on DA that haven't changed, continued or got rebooted if for on other reason but to start over again. I'm on board with reboots at this point since I'm doing it myself but what happens when most of those fail to continue.

Then there's shows that exist but NEVER continue or take forever to post a new episode. There are more than 20 shows on my scoreboard that haven't had a new episode as long as 2 FREAKING YEARS & they're technically still ongoing. So even if I finally review the show, that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. I've lost interest in most of those shows because the wait was just too long. I know AXC could be in this boat right now but I've been actively working on this show since it's debut & not once put it down. My point is that not seeing shows continue or manage to finish a first season at the very least is the most depressing thing ever.

Time to talk about upcoming TPI's. I'm honestly excited but also concerned about these. I've met so many TPI makers claim their show is coming & each time they fall apart or never the light of day....or in a lot of cases take years upon years to actually exist...only to get canned shortly after.

Honestly, I'm tired of doing the reviews. No joke....I'm done. I'm freaking done. It's insufferable to work on them & nothing truly changes. I feel like my words of advice go in one ear out through the other. That's one of the reasons reviews take longer when real life stuff isn't the reason. I don't want to subject myself to helpful words going on deaf ears. I never had to do these in the first place. I could've just worked on AXC, TEC & TNR...but I knew someone...somewhere was listening. I'm sorry...but I've decided to turn in the towel on the main review series by the end of 2017. Come 2018, AXC, TEC, TNR and all other main shows to come will serve as my main content. That doesn't necessarily mean reviews are completely gone. Cliche Notes, The Total Drama Reviews, The Upcoming Build A Better Pilot Miniseries & My Retrospective Reviews are still on the table. But as far as Season Reviews go....I honestly don't think they're doing much good anymore. If someone could prove me wrong go right ahead but this is the disillusion I've been dealing with since late 2015. The reviews, much like Original AXC S4, has been running on fumes.

Thankfully there are others who do reviews now. Will they continue with it? I don't know....that's on them but I wish anyone doing reviews nothing but the best. It's truly a sight to see others review TPI's. So much so that I believe I should just move on to what I love doing. And those are my thoughts on everything at the moment. Perhaps my mind will be changed in the next few months but that's assuming things change....who knows...I'm notorious for changing my mind in a flash.

Thanks For Reading

P.S. - I couldn't find a place to post this within a paragraph but Episodic Blogs are done and over with. I don't feel like typing these reviews and getting flak for what I like to review. I know issues have been resolved but after awhile I just felt uncomfortable coming to these plus the shows in question are MIA right now.



At the moment, 3 out of 4 shows on my list are MIA. IDK what's going on with Levi's TPA, God only knows when TP Village 6 drops & I know my boyfriend's next episode is on it's way. Abandoned shall stay on my list & will receive a proper review on episode 4 sometime next week. For now, I've decided to do something a little different & take a crack at a few shows that could use my attention. This will be something that goes down in-between my 4 shows in question being on hiatus for whatever reason. I'll only look at 4-5 episodes & give my thoughts on them. These aren't official season reviews on said shows will give my more detailed thoughts. For now, this can help me look at more shows. With that said, my first show in this new sub-part of episodic blogs goes to Musical Meloetta's show Total Pokemon Sensation. Let's begin!


It was...a decent start. However a lot of things bothered me. To start, the characters were briefly introduced but god help me if I'll ever figure out who's who in terms of gender. Some are obvious (i.e Cyndaquil, Riolu, etc) and others are confusing as all hell (right down to Tepig's gender being forgotten....come on now that's not even funny.) I especially hate that most of the characters get off on the wrong foot by being unlikable assholes towards the sole non-shiny pokemon in the bunch: Cyndaquil. It just feels like she's being given hell & made specifically to feel bad for her. That's fine...but the execution & mean-spirited nature from the jump doesn't help your case. She's been put together as the obvious vote to possibly win. You even made her a team's a set up...I've done it before. On top of that, the challenge was...ok. It was something different & I applaud you for that but it felt super basic at best. Then we have the elimination....which was god awful. It was predictable & at no point made me feel anything. As you can tell, I'm not this pilot's biggest fan & you know how I get about pilots. However, Musical succeeds in a fresh least that's what I'm hoping it is. Truth be told, I'm not sure where the premise steps in to make it differentiate itself from other shows. It's almost at "pointless title" levels of questionable. Nevertheless, it was still decent but could've been so much better. Side note: DOUBLE CHECK your text boxes going forward. The grammar mistakes are killing me. (16/25) - 64%


So right off the bat, I've got two issues. Number 1...the presentation. Musical, presentation is important. VERY important. Those little moments where I see the recorder or see your mouse & of course the lack of editing really bug me. I suggest a video editor & start using it more often. It's imperative that you give a crap about presentation going forward. Number 2...Cyndaquil. I truly hope this doesn't become a trend where you shove her misery down our throats. It would be a shame if that were the case. And Riolu's sudden lust for her brings up a bad case of instant up is key before you drop the L word honey. Now I must give credit to the moments with the other characters. Braixen is fun to watch ...but he's pointing out your problems & laziness...which doesn't solve the problem. If you're going to have a character break the 4th wall...don't go full self-deprecation no matter how funny you think it may be. It could come off as an excuse for the laziness....and let me tell you: THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR LAZINESS. I hate referencing other shows but think about Clefable & how she broke the 4th wall during TP Resort. Also I caught that little nod to Wurmple mentioning that she doesn't have to act a certain way around Cyndaquil anymore....I'm sorry, what? Also I'd like it if one TPI didn't make me hate a Zorua for once....granted there's Abandoned Zorua but she's fairly new. Anyways, IDK how to feel about a spy being on the show. I barely know much the cast & you're already introducing a new twist into the show. Not to mention you gave them until episode 8 or 9 to start figuring this out. VERY uncertain about this....your first few episodes should be about establishing the characters, setting & the tone....NOT drop a new twist in our lap. As for the challenge...another positive for you as it's trying to keep things fresh. Good stuff. Also...the BG music. Musical...not every scene requires BG music but since your show is text based, I suggest making sure the music at least fits the moment. You don't have the luxury of sounding like you mean it via using your voice so make certain that our scenes portray whatever emotion you're trying to convey proper. Oh and the elimination & sudden romance with said eliminated contestant was BULLCRAP! Both were sudden, forced & served no purpose in the grand scheme of things. Granted you axed Tepig before his gender confusion shtick got old but that doesn't justify the crap I witnessed. (11/25) - 44%


Now when I first saw this episode under different conditions, I was beyond confused as to what the hell was going on. Having watched it on my own however....I'm still confused as all hell. Musical you REALLY dropped the ball in this one not telling us ANYTHING in regards to what the hell was going on. I eventually explain it briefly (barely to be honest...) but that's near the end of the episode. From the looks of it you basically traumatized the contestants....we're only 3 episodes in & you've already managed to pull a Micheal545 via Dark Water Memories...yeah recall Episode 55 of his TPI? NO ONE's bad. So on top of being confused we were given musical numbers, flashbacks & I guess "what if" scenarios but honestly it was all confusing with no explanations whatsoever. Come on Musical...concept & execution. You need to give context to all of this BEFOREHAND & then start showcasing your challenge otherwise viewers will end up lost in me right about now. This one left me losing interest in the show to be honest. I'm not sure I know what the hell is even going on anymore...nevertheless, I decided to keep going. (2/25) - 8%


*Sighs* So after the last episode, I was hoping this one would change my opinion on the show. Right now I'm being shown instant romance, a collab with her boyfriend's show (Teddy Garmon's TP Survivor Island...which you may recall, I already reviewed late last year) and now we've got....some dark stuff with Braixen. Ok...I thought Braixen was supposed to be the funny guy. I'm not against dark stuff or backstories but this came out of nowhere. And I think I've discovered another issue. You see Musical, because we've talked regularly over the course of late 2016 into 2017 thus far, you were telling me all sorts of things to get excited for regarding your show. You pulled a Frags Bunny & got me over-hyped for something....and now that I'm actually watching, the expectations have dropped immensely. Do me a favor & SHOW DON'T TELL going forward until said episodes drop. Back on topic, Braixen having this dark stuff wasn't really built up...we just got a dream/vision last episode & BAM! All of the info given to us in one text box. This is the kind of stuff worth building up. For example, Arcanine's backstory in Enter The Zone...that gradual build up led to what you witnessed in episode 5...but I spent 4 episodes giving you hints & clues as to what may/may not be going on. BUILD UP's your friend if you plan on giving more characters backstories or plan on going with dark themes/elements. It's becoming hard to connect with the characters at this point. As for the challenge's a singing challenge...that's literally it. That's ALL it is folks. Nothing major or out of the ordinary...even that falls flat. The song choices were ok actually. Good choices Musical. However I'm VERY pissed off by the instant romance that is Riolu & Cyndaquil....4 episodes of moments don't justify ANYTHING....I need more than that....come on! And of course...the elimination....I don't think I've watched a show where 3 eliminations were horrible back to back....not since TP Resort's first few episodes. Pichu quits (the one from Teddy's show apparently?) & Wurmple is voted out....implying I gave a crap to begin with...because as I stated earlier, I'm finding it hard to connect with the characters.'m very disappointed with this episode...but it's better than 3 which isn't saying much. (5/25) - 20%


And thus we've reached Episode 5. And it appears we've returned to the confusing backstory set up yet again. So now Zorua has been given some hints as to what he's dealing with. I'm interested but it just came out of nowhere....something this show is too good at....which is not a good thing. Also...that ship pic in the confessional is out of place no matter how hunky Riolu may look as a human. I don't even ship them due to the piss poor set up & instant romance of it all. And then we get more insight on Braixen having a convo with a Meloetta aka the creator....IDK what to say. It leaves me curious as to what could happen next but I'm honestly stuck trying to give a crap about anyone to begin with so again...IDK what to say. The challenge was to...journey through the internet....but aren't they on an island without tech? This challenge just feels out of place on a show set on a freaking island. And to be honest, not much was shown in COMPLETING said challenge...some found the way out faster than others...not much actual plot was going for Zorua claiming loneliness. Now the end result led to Gabite being automatically sent away due to the "last person making out of the internet" rule. Then....what was the point of having teams? You had a sudden elimination & essentially made the teams pointless. Musical....COME ON! (6/25) - 24%


Musical, I consider you a good friend of mine. We've certainly grown as friends since 2017 began...but I have to be blunt here. Your show started off in a fresh/decent place & had the potential to do great things. I made no mistake with what I said on the scoreboard....but Episode's 2-5 demonstrate a lack of execution, direction & most a crap. It just seems like you put just enough effort into your show & thought it was good enough. Total Pokemon Sensation isn't the worst show I've seen but has certainly descended into a confusing mess. The sad part is your attempts at backstories along with some romances have heaps of potential but they're executed poorly. The characters aren't that great, the couples are rushed, the backstories come out of nowhere & the eliminations left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't normally say this but...perhaps you should consider redoing the first 5 considering that one was just posted at the time of typing this. Upon doing so, I suggest rethinking how things play out. The characters, your premise & the establishing of the show COME FIRST! Try not to be discouraged by this & know that I mean well...but if this is what I'm getting out of an episode upon each new upload...this would've turned me off instantly. I don't know what you'll consider doing going forward but I think I'm stopping here for now. I'll return to this show at a later date for a proper season review but consider this a long overdue look at the show.

Thanks For Reading.




SURPRISE! Welcome viewers to my 4th addition joining the episodic blogs list! I finally found a show worthy of being looked per episode. Today I kick off episodic reviews for the hot new TPI on the block, ABANDONED! For those who don't know about this's about 32 campers competing for've heard it a thousand times, right? Well I'm happy to say that this TPI manages to carry itself in a very fresh light & in only 3 episodes has become one of my favorite shows of 2017, a year of otherwise quiet TPI making going down. Anyways, let get to the review!
"Robotic Riot!" - Nice title my man. Certainly fits the episode in question xD
The challenge has the camper


AXC ETZ Official Cast Pic - 2017 Edition by ZutzuCrobat55

I forgot to mention this in the livestream earlier this evening (at the time of posting this) but I was actually planning a mini marathon. When I say mini I mean at least 3-4 episodes. So basically Ep's 6-9. Instead of breaking my back & stressing myself out, I've found a way to make this easy & smooth. As planned, Episode 6 will kick things off Friday June 30th @ 8pm! Once it airs, you'll get an episode on Friday @ 8pm every 2 weeks. So to clarify....

AXC Reboot S1 Ep.6 Thumbnail by ZutzuCrobat55

AXC Reboot S1 Ep.7 Thumbnail by ZutzuCrobat55

AXC Reboot S1 Ep.8 Thumbnail by ZutzuCrobat55

AXC Reboot S1 Ep.9 Thumbnail by ZutzuCrobat55

Sounds good? I hope so....because I'm excited to finally put more of AXC out there like I promised! Thanks a bunch for 350 subs....never I did I EVER expect to even reach 300 to be 350 is a just a treat! Let's aim for more milestones!! :D :D



COMPLETEDIN PROGRESS* = This Will Be A Humanized Event Episode

NOTE: AXC's schedule is on a per episode basis. New episodes will be announced upon completion ^_^


1. Can You Handle The Zone?
Written Plans: COMPLETED
Recording: COMPLETED
Uploaded/Scheduled: COMPLETED
Air Date: July 18th, 2016

2. Into The Badlands
Written Plans: COMPLETED
Recording: COMPLETED
Uploaded/Scheduled: COMPLETED
Air Date: August 24th, 2016

3. Log Rolls & Chasing Waterfalls
Written Plans: COMPLETED



Full Cast of Abandoned!!! by 2319mi

SURPRISE! Welcome viewers to my 4th addition joining the episodic blogs list! I finally found a show worthy of being looked per episode. Today I kick off episodic reviews for the hot new TPI on the block, ABANDONED! For those who don't know about this's about 32 campers competing for've heard it a thousand times, right? Well I'm happy to say that this TPI manages to carry itself in a very fresh light & in only 3 episodes has become one of my favorite shows of 2017, a year of otherwise quiet TPI making going down. Anyways, let get to the review!

"Robotic Riot!" - Nice title my man. Certainly fits the episode in question xD


  • The challenge has the campers competing in a robot building challenge, which then leads to a surprise robot battle for the win afterward.
You know, I almost dismissed the challenge if it was just going to be a building competition. However...I'm happy to say that the twist of the campers using their robots for battle was a nice twist...even if it was anti-climatic xD. Overall I found the challenge to be pretty solid. Good stuff man.

SCORE: 4/5


  • I'll start with Ralts's plot thread. So...3 episodes in & the girl has proven to be like most other vanity archetypes. She was never a favorite of mine since episode 1 but 2319 dialed her to a 9 in the "you're not well liked" department. Anyways, she followed the checklist of vanity to a P. Manipulate The Opposite Sex For Your Own Personal Gain: check! Take too long to make yourself look good via hog the bathroom: check! Feel entitled & believe that you're always right: check! So her checklist of standards leads to a pitiful defeat, which we'll get to in just a moment. Bottom line, her plot served it's purpose & I'm ok with that. ^_^
  • Team Lunala scored an advantage as a result of their win from last episode. Their reward was a Porygon-Z, who was able to help them with 3 questions regarding their robot building journey. mean Mincinno had other plans. Our ditsy lady had one job & decided to converse with Porygon-z casually, leading to all 3 questions being used up. So with their advantage gone, it was up to Scatterbug's brains & know how on robotics to assist going forward....hue hue hue....if only it stayed that way. Back to Ralts, our vanity lady decided to use her good looks on the guys to get what she desired in how the robot should look...also having one job today. Not knowing that the battle was a thing, Ralts had assumed it was just a robot building challenge. One job for everyone! You get a job! You get a job! EVERYONE GETS ONE!
  • Team Solgaleo on the other hand had less of a struggle keeping up with their robot. Magby scored some screen time & managed to pull through with Bulbasaur's crazy idea for a giant robot. Not much on their end, save for a few moments of interest. Snivy did however start an alliance with Zorua & Cyndaquil...aka my new ship. Yeah you're not slick 2319....I know of Cyndaquil from your last series ;) (Wink)
Overall, the plots in this episode are pretty good & do their jobs really well. For a 50 minute episode, that's a tough task to do so I applaud the effort in the writing.

SCORE: 9/10


  • Mincinno: ONE. ONE JOB HONEY
  • Snivy: Bounced back real quick girl....good stuff
  • Pansear: Someone has a dirty mind...but I relate to your sentiment about eyeing hot guys ;) (Wink)
  • Bisharp: You're one of my favorite hosts
  • Hariyama: Hang in there buddy xD
  • Fletchling: You have love to hate potential. Show me how ruthless you really are & we'll talk
  • Treecko:'re high key perverted...and I love it! xD
  • Ralts: Yes hello? Hey honey...all of the male/female models want their tricks back
  • Magby: You did great man
  • Bergmite: Never leave you beautiful fresh character....seriously dude, he's a great addition to the cast
  • Eevee: Lowkey the leader for Team Lunala
  • Zorua: You like Cyndaquil, don't you? ;) (Wink)
I couldn't list them all but we'd be here all day. The cast was solid in this episode. I'm sure we'll get more time with the others down the road. It's only episode 3 after all. That notion aside, Abandoned has already started opening doors for some of the characters & I like where things are heading. Keep it up man!

SCORE: 5/5


The elimination went as expected. Mincinno & Ralts were the targets at risk for their respective blunders. Fennekin was also down there but...she was the least of Team Lunala's problems. After a close call, the vanity girl was sent packing over ditsy one job. Ralts was thoroughly roasted by everyone on her team before leaving, including the very guys she manipulated during the challenge. On the bright side, Ralts ended up learning a valuable lesson as a result which was actually really sweet. I still don't like her but it's nice that she got a decent send-off. It's why I've yet to put anyone in the dislike section of characters....yet. That aside, this was a satisfying elimination. Nothing fancy or shocking....just straight to the point. That's what I like!

SCORE: 4/5


Abandoned pulled off what few shows can do in their first 3 episodes & that's keep me hooked. While I'm in love with Levi's TPA, it was an acquired taste 2-3 eps in. The same can be said for TP Paradise, TP Village, TP Resort & even my other 2017 favorite Poke-Survivor. Abandoned didn't go through that iffy phase & started off strong right out of the gate. Not a lot of shows can do that & keep the hot streak going. I'm glad this show exists. It ALMOST convinced me to step back into the TPI making scene with AXC Season 2. However you ALMOST did that....what you actually managed to do however was help restore my desire to get back to Enter The Zone. I'll probably return to that later in the Summer but for now, I'm stoked to say that this show is sticking around. It's really good & if you're not already watching it: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? 2319mi, I'm eager to see more out of this show & look forward to episode 4!

FINAL SCORE: 22/25 (88%)

Thanks for reading another episodic blog! Let me know your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. I love hearing from you guys!=D (Big Grin)

P.S. - Super minor nitpick but I suggest making thumbnails for your current & future episodes. Just a thought ^_^


Holy crap...holy freaking crap....this was a good one. No no, a great one....and I'm not just saying that because of the obvious. I'm saying that because the 45 minutes I witnessed were incredible. Will IDK what you did to make this episode so good but...keep doing it. Let's get to the review!

"Coupled & Puzzled" - Or as I'd like to call it "The Shade & Sass Games"
The final 6 (Musharna, Darkrai, Dewott, Staravia, Cofagrigus & Flaaffy) remain on Legendary Island. The challenge is hosted by a familiar face, if you're aware of Will's previous show, and joins the cloud brothers as they all bring back some ex-contestants. Each finalist is paired up with an ex-contestant. From that point the pairs head into their respective areas where the finalists mu



Don't be alarmed folks! This past weekend has been hectic & work has prevented me from completing the script. Real happens sadly. ^^; In other words I just need a little more time to get this episode together. Once the script is complete, production should go along very fast. Apologies...but Sunday @ 8pm ok. No changes to this due date. ^_^
AXC Reboot S1 Ep.6 Thumbnail by ZutzuCrobat55
If you haven't already, I highly suggest checking out :icondatdurant:'s first TPI review....which happens to be on my reboot series. He's just one of many people who's decided to review TPI's & I'm excited to see others do this. I shouldn't have to be the only one reviewing & knowing there are more people doing reviews puts a smile on my face. I urge you to check him out. ^_^

100 VIEWS IN 2 DAYS!! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!! I'm glad you're all enjoying the film. Special thanks to those who helped bring a character in the film to life. Seriously guys, I consider this one of my best works thus far & you guys being entertained by it is enough to put a smile on my face. Here's to more TEC in the future (more on that at a later date...;))
If you're not already, I highly recommend watching Team DPAS made by my good friend DarkWolfWavius 

Seriously's the only other action show out there made by a TPI maker other than me & it's really good. It's 10 episodes deep now (with 11 on it's way ;)) Now would be the perfect time to play catch up.


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